The Terrifics #4

The Girl From bgztl!

G’day from Rainbow Press & Comics, Tehillim 29  doing a review today for Roulette Productions on The Terrifics #4.

I’d also like to thank Jaime for his 1st Comic Review in my website.

In this issue this story is seen from the view Linnya who is the Girl from BGZTL, to which we start by seeing The Terrifics running from a killer squid, moving into the next panels after the running is over, we see the team in space in one of Mr Terrifics space craft, we learn that she has begun to make some progress with her own abilities, we learn that a war wheel attacked the team when on earth.
Whilst they are traveling in space, they get pull in by a tractor beam of a foreign ship, to which they encounter another sentient being which looks like a squid.
Whilst in the foreign ship, The Terrifics managed to get separated, the story in this part feels a little lost, like the heroes in this comic.
As we catch up with Linnya with Plastic Man in this issue, she places some blame on herself in putting the team in this mess, Plastic Man tries to reassure her things will work out & be fine.
I will leave it there, so not to spoil the rest.



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