The Wacky Self-Loathing White Nationalists

If anyone wonders about what the actual stance of the Right is towards this maligned group. It depends on who you really ask. If you ask someone like Milo Yiannopoulos, he has little to no love towards them personally. If you ask Ben Shapiro, he’d probably do you a service and shoot them for you. Rush Limbaugh (as much as most of you think he’s a pompous ass) has no regard for them. Yet, all of those men find themselves lumped in with that group. And honestly, it’s probably the worst thing you can do. You can’t lump New Right, Conservatives, and Classical Conservatives in with this group.

The strange thing about Neo-Nazis and White Nationalists is that the entire principle does go against what we fought against in World War II. Yes, we should go back that far. Even in those times, America actually had a split stance towards the Nazi Regime. To be honest, people you thought were national heroes were sympathetic to their cause. The most notable was the famed pilot of the Spirit of St. Louis, Charles Lindbergh. Which a bit of Charles’s sympathy was also shown in the fact that he wanted to keep America in the isolationist slant.

Unfortunately for Chuck, Japan jumped the gun against the orders of Das Führer and attacked Pearl Harbor. The rest is history, as they say. Yet, the sentiment was always there. America has always contended with a very anti-Semitic and anti-Catholic sentiment in the early 20th century. The anti-Catholic stance has went away for the most part, but the anti-Semite position has stayed around. With various groups agitating the Jewish community and blaming them much the same as the Nazi Party had blamed their cousins.

Dr. David Duke – Credit to Business Insider

To understand modern White Nationalism, you have to understand the mentality of how it all works today. This is case study number one, Dr. David Duke. A former Grand Wizard in the Ku Klux Klan. Duke lead this famous group, but something you should understand these days. The Klan of the 1960s to 1970s were prominent, but not to the levels of what you read about in the history books.

Duke was influenced by the grandfather of modern white nationalism, William Luther Pierce from a young age. And this rhetoric of White Pride, left an impression on the young man. He carried this into his college years, where he would protest the Jewish lawyer, William Kunstler in a full Nazi uniform in the style of the SS. It seems the young man was determined to show the world that facism and nationalism were not dying in the wake of the free love revolution. Keep up with this, by the way, this idea will be important when you think about the next subject and his stance.

After a short time raising issues at Louisiana State University (LSU), he took a small trip to Laos to assist his father to teach their officers in the finer points of English. In an all too familiar pattern that David has, he shot his career in the foot by drawing a Molotov cocktail on a chalk board. Around this time, he would lie about sneaking behind enemy lines and assisting with anti-Communist propaganda runs. Air America veteran jockeys would later dispute these accounts, noting that David only went on “milk runs” with no danger.

He returned to Louisiana, only to get arrested for “inciting a riot” while engaged in a putsch with members of the Black Panther Party. He managed to graduate college in 1974, after which, he formed the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. I’ll not repeat the entire history, but he managed to get into state office from there. He also ran for the US Senate, the US House of Representatives, and the Governor of Louisiana. Yet, with some statesman experience under his belt, he managed to do something that sets up a bit of a paradox in what created the Alt-Right image that the news latched onto.

He helped create the New Orleans Protocol. The protocol goes as such:

  1. Zero tolerance for violence.
  2. Honorable and ethical behavior in relations with other signatory groups. This includes not denouncing others who have signed this protocol. In other words, no enemies on the right.
  3. Maintaining a high tone in our arguments and public presentations.

With those edicts set in 2004, this set up the various items we have seen in prominence almost 12 years later in 2016. The edicts followed by a new face of White Nationalism. This new face would end up creating a more palatable version of White Nationalism. The image of a Nazi like Derek Vinyard, while creating a buzz in 1998, was gone. The modern day National Socialist isn’t the guy with the skinhead and the white A-shirt. Although, his class still exists, don’t worry. However, he’s following the lead of someone else.

Richard B. Spencer – Credit to USA Today

Meet Richard B. Spencer. The new face of White Nationalism that put himself front and center. Except, he has rejected the label of white supremacist. He chooses his label carefully and calls himself an identitarian. A member of society who advocates for a white homeland and peaceful ethnic cleansing.

And if you’re utterly confused, don’t worry. So am I. Because, a white homeland and peaceful ethnic cleansing… Wasn’t that tried a while ago around the early 1930s to 1940s? I’m a little unclear, as the videos were in German. And the last time I spoke that language was when I was nailing the daughter of a German immigrant.

If that prior joke was crude, it’s less crude than what I personally think of this New Right offshoot that has been proposed. In truth, Spencer wants anyone that’s of the white diaspora to rise up and to stop the influx of thoughts and ideas that are causing white genocide in our country and around the world. I’ll repeat… He wants to stop the groups that are considered responsible for precipitating white genocide. For those at home: Liberals, Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, etc.

And before you dismiss him as a crackpot, the push he and others like him had on our election was quite prominent. Donald J. Trump couldn’t have had a better group of cheerleaders. Combined with the efforts of the chans and various troll sites, Spencer ran a well oiled machine. And the regressive and far left have fallen into his trap every time. One incident where he was thrown out of gym, because a Georgetown professor felt threatened… It saw her documented online at the various chans.

Another incident where someone tried to harass his mother’s business, saw people like Andrew Anglin threaten the town into a stalemate. And Spencer had plausible deniability. He didn’t ask any of these groups to do anything on his behalf. They just did it. No questions asked. That’s the scary part about Spencer. He may not have as much influence as he had in 2016. Don’t let that fool you, reader

And this doesn’t mean he’s not retooling his strategies. And he has a group that’s quite apt to follow him. The real irony is that most of these followers would be disavowed by Hitler himself. Various Slavs, Irish, English, Russian, etc. All groups that Hitler sentenced to death. And yet, they follow the charismatic Pied Piper with an impeccable haircut. Which should be an indictment on modern society, honestly.

A group of men and women who follow a man preaching an intolerant screed. All set forth by a man who also hated himself and his own lineage. It’s all a nice contradiction caused by years of political correctness. And yet, there are other ways to fight it. There are other ways to fight the system without becoming stick men and black masks.

This is the tale of a very confused White Nationalist movement led by leaders who know they’re lying to their masses. And yet, you’ll rebel to anything, won’t you?

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