There Be Cat Ladies Here…

So, Dave recommended that I should go ahead and talk about these insufferable people that align themselves onto a website. These are people you wouldn’t talk to. These are people you wouldn’t associate with. You wouldn’t allow these harpies into your own home. And I’m sure they smell like lack of feminine products. If you’re already assuming I’m talking about The Mary Sue, then hang around!

Before I get started, have a movie!

A hat tip to Zack from Diversity and Comics to let you get prepared for what’s to come. Go ahead and gird your loins and gnash those teeth. You’re about to get punched in the balls, if a man. If you’re a woman, go ahead and prepare for the soccer kick to the vagina. This is feminism in action, or at least what these reprobates consider feminism. And it’s gonna get painful.

The concept of the Mary Sue is something that’s been in folklore for all nerds since our blessed late Dungeon Master of All Time, Gary Gygax. The one site that places it well is the Fanlore Wiki:

A Mary Sue is an original character in fan fiction, usually but not always female, who for one reason or another is deemed undesirable by fan critics. A character may be judged Mary Sue if she is competent in too many areas, is physically attractive, and/or is viewed as admirable by other sympathetic characters.

I can see most of the nerds that we know hissing at the mention of a Mary Sue, the bane of many a fan fiction writer. Mary Sue is also the bane of most game masters, fan circle admins, and everyone who has a coherent thought that doesn’t involve drooling every day. And yet, this group of miscreants decided to take a derogatory term and reclaim the term for themselves.

And you ask yourself? How does it turn out for them? Go ahead in click the link in our links for the left. After you’re done regurgitating lunch, come on back and sit under the learning tree and see how this all started. You might also learn a bit on why people in the moderate left, center-left, center, center-right, and the pure right consider this group pure cancer upon the community that critiques writing and artistry.

Note: I did mention they’re not liked by the moderate left. In essence, the moderate left and center-left are the people that like a general ideal of the liberal ideology. Items such as: social services, social security, social programs. To a point, as a centrist… I can see a need for some of those items. The other items that I would be in agreement with is how 3rd and 4th wave feminism are completely against what the ideals of Susan B. Anthony and other prominent women were fighting for.

And to quote their masthead:

The Mary Sue is a website that covers news about entertainment, politics, business, breaking news, and technology.

Which is nice, in theory, David and I cover about four of those items. This site will never be a breaking news emporium. We prefer the opinionated editorial way too much. And to see where the fun begins, you have to understand who would start this train-wreck. Everyone on the right knows this name, and probably throws darts at his image. Everyone on the left probably worships him.

But The Mary Sue is the brainchild of current legal affairs anchor of ABC News and A&E producer, Dan Abrams. If you’re wondering where you heard his name, by the way? You’ve probably heard of a small show he hosts called Live PD. He’s also the main guy behind Mediaite, LawNewzGossip Cop, and Runway Riot. He also wrote a small book that offends every MRA from here to Tokyo: Man Down: Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt That Women Are Better Cops, Drivers, Gamblers, Spies, World Leaders, Beer Tasters, Hedge Fund Managers and Just About Everything Else.

To say that Dan is that dreaded masculine feminist would be understating the real message behind this site. It’s 3rd wave feminism on steroids trying to push itself as a media hub. They promote everything the normal people dislike. They push queer politics, feminism, misandry, and blame culture. And that’s their good qualities.

The Mary Sue has been one of the many sites that have come into the ire of people on the Alt-Right and general comic book fans. Everyone sees the site as old cat ladies in training that want to push their way into the boys club and queer it up. To an extent, it may or may not be. However, when you see the word “problematic” flying around like a sparrow… Prepare for a bad time.

As far as their coverage, it’s hit or miss. It’s at the point where if I wanted to hear a cat lady bitching about Spider-Man and politics, I’d date my ex in Cincinnati again. It wouldn’t be much different than now where I still would get no sex. And I’d be twice as miserable. Your mileage may vary.

Are there talented writers there? Yes and no. Again, YMMV. Yet, it’s a site that deserves its derision for the fact that it’s a hell of a virtue signal machine. As we covered prior with Sitterson, they were in attack mode against IDW. It’s almost as if the concept of capital escapes these harpies. But then, it seems to escape most kids born from 1985 to 2000.

If you go to The Mary Sue, just remember my warning. There be cat ladies here… And they ain’t too pretty in how they talk.

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