TMNT/Ghostbusters Volume 2

I warned you last time that it was coming. Four years later, IDW made a sequel crossover miniseries featuring the Turtles of Mutant Ninja variety and the Busters of Ghostly things. Once again, it is a fun read and worth your money. Cash. Dinero. Rupees. Bolts. However you barter.

In the main TMNT series, Splinter got control of the Foot Clan and used it as a way to sweep up the other organized crime in NYC. His plan meant having to kill some crime leaders who refused to give up the easy way. This caused a rift between Splinter and the Turtles. They went on a trip to Dimension X to go do Hero things. I’m capitalizing this for our European fans, who had Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles back in the day.

On the Ghostbusters side, the fearless foursome had dealt with a high-powered ghost group called The Collectors early on. The Collectors are like the spirit world’s ultimate bounty hunters. You give them a chunk of your soul for payment. They round up and imprison anyone in any dimension. The Busters beat them back, but barely. They had been waiting for a repeat encounter while improving and experimenting with their own inter-dimensional technology.

So Evil Mobster Ghost sicks The Collectors on the TMNT, and the GB intervene. Both teams end up deciding to split into pairs and jump around dozens of dimensions. Their goal is to stay ahead of The Collectors. They also have to work on trying to find a proper way to trap the high-level spooks once and for all.

Now here is the thing: Compared to the first mini-series, this one is a bit more light-hearted. It’s about having fun with the different dimensions and mining humor from silly world possibilities. There is some drama to be had though, mostly from the main threat. Also for all you Peter Venkman fans, he gets a chance to show off his caring side by advising Michelangelo. He puts on his psychologist hat for the rift between the Turtles and their father figure Splinter. As Venkman put it, “Granted, I got my psychology degree to impress women, but on occasion I do use it for the intended purpose.”

The added story: the Turtles end up meeting their mother again from their previous lives as humans (Yes, reincarnation is a big part of the myth of the Turtles.) She had shown herself to individual Turtles here and there, but she now appears to all at once. In her own way, she tries to strengthen their will and their hearts.

In the end, the day is saved and the TMNT go home to their own dimension to work on their own problems. They realize that don’t always have to agree with Splinter. Yet, the turtles will always love their father. The Ghostbusters felt good about helping out friends including advising the Teens. Yes, the writers never forget that first T in TMNT means these half-shell heroes still have a lot of life to live and wisdom to learn.

What’s next? TMNT is racing towards issue 75 which promises to be a landmark issue beyond belief. Also on the side continuity a sequel Batman/TMNT crossover is going on as we speak. For the Ghostbusters, they have an annual coming out this month. They also have a new mini-series bringing together Ghostbusters of several dimensions, at once.

What effects will this battle have on these future stories? Only one way to find out: Keep Reading. My reviews, if not the issues. However, reader, please give the books a try. This isn’t a story that will change the way you view the world, and  it won’t give you a great religious epiphany. It will make your inner fanboy smile though.

Really, what else can you ask for?

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