Transformers vs. Visionaires is Bad.

For those of you who remember the failed Visionaires series of cartoons from the 1980s, go ahead and despair. You won’t be satisfied by this experience. Magdalene Vissagio tries to inject life into this old dog, but fails on a storytelling level. Yes, I shall explain.

You ever notice the SJW art direction always uses massive head trauma. Psychologists note that head trauma is usually a sign of extreme hatred that an unknown subject has towards their victim. Mags Vissagio isn’t exactly an unsub, but she’s using the usual tactics of striking extreme violence against what is seen as a imaginary symbol of the patriarchy. (Patriarchy itself is imaginary, as well.)

As David has said a lot of times in audio, Hasbro pushes their series of characters upon IDW. Of course, IDW loves mucking up said series by putting shit writers like Aubrey Sitterson and Mags on said series titles. This does come across as a very purse puppy written series as well. It’s got janky art. It’s got bad timing. It’s got a very nonsensical story that barely explains why the Visionaries factions are even on Cybertron.

It goes as such, the old Transformers movie gag is badly executed. If you’re a nerd, you know which language gag. This is used by Kup for his amusement, as Mags tries to make the Cybertronians unsympathetic. This attempt makes the book extra pathetic. The loopholes get worse.

The plothole of magic affecting the Autobots is quite wasted, especially for anyone who has watched Beast Wars and Beast Machines. Other items, such as the Darkling Faction being in the same room as the Spectre Knights, even if for survival sake. And Mags had to do the one huge trope which is given away in the cover, already.

Why? Because grrl power or some bullshit. And while the fools at Bleeding Cool are crowing about a second printing, it’s bullshit. Because IDW pulled a Nintendo… They didn’t print enough copies to begin with to cause an imaginary shortage. It’s the oldest trick in the book, don’t fall for it.

Honestly, don’t give this shit a read. Magdalene Vissagio is a purse puppy writer placed in for the sake of a checklist at every comic company. If her writing improves, I’ll change my opinions. However, she’s unrepentant in doing that.

So, give this pandering attempt a pass.

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