Uncle Bad Touch Richardson and the fall of photography…

It seems Terry Richardson has a hard time not being creepy and perverted in his daily life. If you’ve ever seen any of his photography work, he has a hard time not being a complete pervert and borderline pedophile/hebephile in his daily life. Yet, the MeToo brigade finally caught up with Uncle Bad Touch… Only, you fucking pearl clutchers are about a decade or more late on that train. Go ahead and click that button and see why.

At this point, this isn’t a Left or Right issue… It’s a decency issue. Terry Richardson has NONE. In fact, he has been so maligned for his perversion that Anna Wintour finally got off her high horse and banned him from working for her publications. Just one issue. While you banned him, you could have saved a lot of time and filed papers against this reprobate who was assaulting your models. Just a thought, Anna. Just a simple thought.

Picture credits to NY Magazine.

So, who exactly is this perverted SOB? Well, he claims to be a photographer, honestly. Yet, when you look at this guy… He resembles the guy you pass by very quickly, when he’s begging you for change. Or, that one guy who has a picture up in the post office for diddling children.

In fact, looking at him. You almost wonder why any model worth his or her salt would put up with this creep. I mean, you can agree. Terry is a charter member of the Unfuckables. And if I’m being completely coarse in what I’m saying about Terry and his now accused status. It’s because I have no love or sympathy for this man.

Terry Richardson has been the worst kept secret in fashion for over a decade. And the warning signs were there. Complex warned you people about this pervert. They made an easy list of the heinous shit this man did for his own amusement. And the list goes from the video for Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball to an incident where he forced a semi-erect penis into a model’s mouth.

No, I’m not exaggerating that last part. One model has confirmed that Terry forced his semi-erect penis into her mouth as a work condition. Which brings us to the recent accusation by Caron Bernstein. For those, who know music… Caron is the ex-wife of Richard Z. Kruspe of Rammstein. (As an aside, I wonder if Terry is looking for large, intimidating German guitarists over his shoulder.) And Caron was that model who had to play with Uncle Bad Touch and his penis.

And before anyone says that Caron may be lying… There was photographic evidence. Topless pictures of ejaculation on her breasts. Of course, Terry passed this off as saying it was for his book, TERRYWORLD. Which also featured various models that were underage to barely legal in “simulated” sexual acts. And before you call me a prude, I’ve done many things in my adult life. But that was with adults, thank you. Also, there is a line of consent that’s needed before she performs fellatio.

Terry hasn’t heard of that word, it seems. He also hasn’t heard of decency, morality, or shirts that aren’t flannel. I would say that I feel sorry for anyone who was actually a fan of him. However, Terry had a pattern of this behavior that was tolerated for the sake of a career. And the fact that some people were willing to compromise their principles for the sake of a paycheck with this pervert?

There is a reason Hollywood is burning. It was burning before the wildfires. Get used to it.

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