Underdog Stories

So a few things about me that are quite true I assure you. I do enjoy sports of the non-choregraphed “pro rasslin” variety. In small doses. One of it is the occasional game of baseball. On the pro level. I don’t play sportsballz. It makes you sweat and your fat jiggle. No Thanks. The other would be football, because the pigskin game is quite enjoyable.

Now as a wee lad I recall cheering for the Atlanta Braves in 1989. And 1990. And there was much mocking. I stood by my team though and lo and behold 1991 came around. Baseball historians and fans may recall it. “Worst To First” was how it was christened and the Braves have been a competitive team ever since, even though they only won 1 World Series in 1995. It is no longer a shameful thing to be a Braves fan and I feel proud to have been a fan before it was Acceptable.

So what would be better than this? How about being a fan since Game One. Loyal From Birth. Well on the football side of things I found that in 1995. Bit of a banner year for me as a sportsballz fan. Jacksonville Jaguars started their first season and I was ready to cheer them on. Not a team that moved cities but a brand new team. It wasn’t a great first season but after that they were competitive for a while.

Then we hit a drought. Ten Seasons of sucking. Ten Seasons without a playoff berth. No Wild Card. No Division Championships. Not even a winning season. Sad Times.

Then we had rebuilding on the roster and the staff. Doug Marrone stepped up to Head Coach and O.G. of Jaguars coaches Tom Coughlin returned as Executive Vice President of Football Operations. Jaguars Won more games than they lost. Jaguars won their Division for the first time since the AFC South Division was created. Playoffs started and the Buffalo Bills fell in Jacksonville. Jaguars went on the road and beat the Steelers of Pittsburgh.

Now the Jags face off with the Patriots, the Kings of the AFC for the past dozen years, for the Conference Championship and all of your favorite talking-head pundits admit that it’s not an easy prediction to make. Even if that game is the end of the post-season journey, the Jaguars have won the real battle. Third worst record in the league to the Conference Championships. Best Defense in the League. This season was a success by any measure and there is no reason why next season can’t keep the momentum going. The pieces are solid and are falling into place. It’s an exciting time for the Jaguars Loyal. Pride for your team after many losses over many years.

Now someone just needs to help the Cleveland Browns.

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