It’s not often that I’m asked to look over a book. Sometimes, to give a book a second chance. However, I happen to like the writer of this book through his book, Social Media is BS. By sheer luck, I was contacted by the writer of the book that I’m about to review. So, let’s give the honest review to one of my acquaintances, B.J. Mendelson. The book we’re going to take a look at is called Vengeance, Nevada.

The Writer

It’s safe to say that B.J. Mendelson isn’t a fan of our social media culture that we’re falling into. However, he’s probably one of the better writers that I’ve seen. My preference for his books, aside, will not factor into this story. What will is how it reads across to the average guy or gal. And this book is a lot to take in, honestly. As I like to tell people, it’s not a story that’s going to hold your hand.

B.J. is going to take you on a ride that’s not very fun. In fact, you’re not quite sure what’s going on with the book unless you get a second read. Which, I’ll admit that I did more than one read on this book. I did like the themes he put into the writing. You get the idea that there’s a lot behind the story and behind the scenes. Mendelson doesn’t make it too wordy, so if you’re wanting quick, this is it for you.

The Artist

Piotr Czarplarski is the artist of the book. And he takes a bit of the black and white approach to most of the art in the book. There’s elements of color in items that you should pay attention to. The glowing eyes in one panel. The full colored element of the villain of the story. There’s also the colored element of the acquired article that makes the story happen.

It’s not top quality art that you’re going to see from the big two companies. However, it’s serviceable art for the book. It’s decent inking and lettering all around the book. The shapes are just right. The elements are in focus. It’s all you can ask for in a book that’s independent.

Don’t get it wrong, this isn’t top AAA art. It’s not crap art, either. It’s decent enough art that gets the entire story across in the fashion you need it to. That’s all you really need.

The Story

Our heroine, Kristen, isn’t having a good day at all. She’s been taken over by a mystical being in a manner of judgement for her worthiness of a sword that she’s acquired by accident. The Spectre of Death has mapped out her course since the day it took her mother. It’s lead her up to this point, honestly. She’s lost her man on a secret mission. She’s just having a bad day, period.

As soon as she chases after a mystical persona, the day keeps getting worse for her. There’s always someone watching her. But, Kristen has decided one thing as she reflects on her life to that point… “All Will Be Judged.”

The Verdict

It’s a decent book for 2.99. While it’s not the greatest art, it’s serviceable. It’s also one of the better independent books out there. Go ahead and give it a chance. Give B.J. come encouragement to push Issue 2 out, won’t you?

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