This has been way too long, hasn’t it? I mean, without hearing from me. I’ll just keep it all short and simple. I got sick. I stayed sick. I lost motivation because I had no lung capacity to work with. I also lost some major motivation to do videos, because I was coughing to the levels that would make Weaponized Nerd Rage’s light smoker cough seem trivial.

And yes, Weap knows I’ll say that. I like Weap, and he doesn’t want to shoot me, yet. So, here goes. I’m back with a book that’s like me. It’s taking too long for the next edition. Let’s go back into the world of VS. An Image book that’s not disappointed me in the slightest. And let’s not sugar coat anything in this review at all. I’m going to post a warning.

If you’ve not read issues one through three: Stop now.

You will be so lost without reading books one through three. You need to get into the amazing backstory of how we got to this point in the saga of Lt. Satta Flynn. A former renowned soldier that was put on ice for so long. He’s brought back into a faster paced War Game than the one he remembers. He loses his matches on average. However, his television appeal is second to none. The sponsors love him, because even when he gets slagged… He still brings ratings!

Which brings us to today’s issue. Satta has been upgraded to the top of the line stuff by major sponsors. New armor. New arms. New guns. Hell, even the helmet isn’t standard issue heads up display equipment that the other common soldiers have. Shiny and chrome. Haven’t we heard that line before in a post-modern world. Just me, eh?

Okay, Satta has his new toys. However, at random… His new toys are trying to kill every one of his teammates. It does a good job in taking out his former sergeant at arms, Mama. It also tries to kill his commanding officer. Before she does bite it, she gets the grand idea to take Satta outside of the player zone and let the suit wear itself out.

The questions that are going to be asked. Is it sabotage? Does someone have it out for Satta? What about the bookies? The powers that be? All of these are the right questions, as Satta sees a giant junk abomination coming towards him.

Now, for the gritty. At this point, Ivan Brandon is stopping with holding your hand in this story. Ribic has some hard hitting art with a bit of the absurd. This is still a television show for a sedated audience. You can’t show someone cursing on TV. I mean you can show partial ripping and tearing, right? Of course, they’re just disposable soldiers in a very alien and corporately run world. In fact, get used to that.

Brandon has created a politics filled world, but it’s not OUR world. It’s a world where the mega companies have gone amok. If you like that sci-fi idea in the vein of stuff like The Running Man, Robotjox and Arena… This book is all yours. Just be sure to catch up on the first three chapters or wait for the trade for the first six in a row to happen. Either way, get this book.

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