VS Issue One is Excellent

Okay, I’m going to say that I disagree with the politics of Ivan Brandon. He’s not exactly the most pleasant person to talk about anything with. However, he also doesn’t try to lord over you with his personal politics with his book. This shows in his latest offering from Image called VS. And for a hard sell book, it’s taking you for a hell of a ride.

VS takes us inside the battlefield that’s now a game. War has become a massively advertised game. It’s much like the NFL, MLB, NFL and NBA of today. Loads of advertising feces for every bit of the action. Platoons of men and women are now teams under an ownership. Two teams go out with various cybernetics and physical enhancements. One team leaves the field. If you die, you lose.

Esad Ribic draws some impressive art for this book. He brings the effects that you need. The explosions you want are there. There’s even those devastating bullet wounds. Let’s face it, compared to other comics… These are effects done right.

The story follows Lt. Satta Flynn, a long time combat veteran who is the John Wayne of the War Games. He’s been reconstructed and killed twice over again. He keeps going back to the game to feed his self-destructive tendencies. He gets injured. He gets killed. He gets healed. It’s a pattern that is shown in his book.

The battles also have various flags for violations: assaulting a referee camera bot, flipping off the advertisers, curse words that can’t be bleeped out. You saw that right, folks. The entire book is shown from the mind of Flynn, which is shown as a regular program. The bad words are appropriately bleeped out, as Brandon shows how their television works.

Disagree with his politics all you want. I do. But, let’s not deny the talent of this man. He and Ribic have made a compelling hard sell book. You know there’s messages in there. You know there’s a moral to it. Read the book and find it. You decide.

Buy this book to do it. Give Brandon incentive to actually produce good stories like this.

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