What is #Save Comics and Why We Should.

Many commentators are looking at #MoveTheNeedle as not saving enough of the comics as a whole. Douglas Ernst has shared a possible extension of that movement. The idea of #SaveComics is something that’s being hashed out as it seems to be something that’s not agreed upon by everything. However, that’s the beauty of everything. Nobody has to absolutely believe in it.

Something that prompted this story was a mix of many things. Umbrella Guy has covered IDW, ad nauseum. I love his stuff, and in fact, we’ve considered each other a part of a larger Umbrella Network. He’s also covered many of the large stories that I’ve needed to cover. It’s not exactly something that I’m blaming him for my lack of stories. Click his link below and watch his stuff! It’s good stuff.

Diversity and Comics has been battling still against Michelle Perez. Perez has been a bad actress since their gripe against Richard C. Meyer has erupted into a feature pitch. It has ended up with the rubblewoman Twitter name being shadowbanned for hateful content. That issue is being covered by Richard, Twitter, and Kiwi Farms at a fever pitch.

Asher Elbein and Kieran Shiach have been trying to pitch their sorrid libel story to other sites since Asher was told to leave by The Atlantic. It seems the site they’re settling on is The Daily Beast. However, I’m also not covering this because John F. Trent is covering it with Bounding into Comics. Also, Nick Monroe has an excellent prose about the whole affair that needs to be read by everyone. Please search and read both items and sites.

However, Save Comics is something that needs a lot more attention and coverage. I’m going to start off with someone that needs more viewers, as well…

Marmaduke is more of the artistically inclined of the reviewers. He’s more in tune to the artist corps of the comics community. He’s also quite family friendly and eloquent. Yes, he talks about what he wants to do in the quest to Save Comics. I believe his system and his direction is not the best direction. It’s a just direction, however. We need a just direction.

We can do roasts all day. Roasts do nothing. We can go after bad actors. Bad actors never learn, however. We can push better books. We can do more, though. We can always do more.

In order to save comics, it’s going to take going outside your comfort zone and move the numbers. The big two companies are not going anywhere at the moment. Accept this as a fact, work on supporting the small companies as a whole. ALTERNA, for example, is a company that’s experiencing a near 2000 percent increase in their sales over all mediums.

ALTERNA also does something that the big two cannot or will not do. They distribute on their own networks, whenever needed. They have an etsy store. They distribute to the stores, if needed. They’ll also go through Diamond, if needed. A small company such as this is flexible. It has to be. Other companies should follow suit.

For you traditionalists, you’re going to have to accept the fact that comics need to sell digitally before you get your hands on that floppy book you desire. This is for any small artist to gauge whether or not you actually would buy said floppy before they stick their necks out to send something to press. Considering the price of printing may go up due to tariffs, consider this as well.

In the end, we can do small things to save comics. Ignore the drama wherever you can. Ignore the bad actors and do not give them your money or time. If you find a good story, push the story. Use reviews as a guide, if needed. However, make your own judgments towards comics.

You can save comics. Just remember to be smart about it. The next generation will depend on it.

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