X-Men Red 1 Is Not a Bad Start

This is first book after the return of the True and Honest Jean Grey. With the emergence of the reborn Jean Grey after the Phoenix Resurrection books, this version of the character is a continuation of the buxom version that was killed off quite a while ago. People had given up hope for Jean after that teenage conversion agent run, honestly. The rest of the world thought this version of the woman was dead. X-Men Red stomps that statement down hard.

Look at that cover. This is the Jean 90s kids remember. The confident, warm and sexy Jean. The woman that was the most powerful entity in the room with or without the Phoenix entity. Her team is one that does play to her character strengths, as well. A mix of young and old players. Consisting of: Namor the Sub-Mariner, Nightcrawler, Honey Badger, Laura Kinney, Trinary, and Gentle.

Tom Taylor writes up this book, which establishes the Red team as a rescue squad. Their goal is to rescue younger mutants from any harm from regular humans who don’t understand them. The first scene has the team rescuing a young Asian mutant from an angry mod, including her mother. Jean and Nightcrawler pull off a daring rescue and escape with the girl that shows the purpose of her team.

Throughout the book, Jean and her team have to establish the purpose for protection for her charges. This takes her to the United Nations to plead her case where the world is seemingly against them. Until two powerful allies step up to the plate: The Nation of Wakanda and the Kingdom of Atlantis. With their backing, the council is backed up for the moment.

However, one of the ambassadors is being manipulated by an entity that Jean knows of quite well. As Mahmud Asrar draws the Ambassador’s head exploding in Scanners style. And we see after the team has to escape, the story tells us that we should be reminded of an Elton John song. The bitch is back. As we see Cassandra Nova looking at a model of Master Mold, she reminds her version of Yorick that she will make Mankind see RED.

It’s a fast and loose book by Taylor, but Asrar has loads of art to look at and be amazed by. Pick this book up.

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