You Got Worked, Bro

Today, it’s time to cover the curious case of Aubrey Sitterson. I normally don’t mention jack or shit about comics, as my favored medium is the written one. Regardless of that, Aubrey is a subject that gets my eternal ire. To be blunt, he’s a human stain on more than one medium. Our first interlude with him was on his now failing wrestling podcast, STRAIGHT SHOOT. He used this platform back then to bring in the hipster audience to pull apart the chains of professional wrestling. Somehow, he didn’t take the hint that he wasn’t special back then.

Aubrey Sitterson
Aubrey Sitterson, Public Photo

Aubrey is your typical long haired millennial hack, to be blunt. He identified himself as a far left-leaning Socialist who is anti-Capitalist. Which is okay, until you’re going into mediums that require you to make said capital (that he is squarely against, by the way) to stay employed. And Aubrey’s first foray into failure was working for 2K Games as a WWE community manager for their online areas. If you ask anyone still in those areas about Aubrey, you may want to go ahead and hide behind a thick wooden table. As recalled in the scene in The Patriot when Mel Gibson’s character remarked, “Long Live King George…” The crowd, appropriately, threw knives and anything not bolted down at him.

Aubrey proved himself to be unbearable. As with most in the regressive left (which is the term for anyone who sees anyone on the right as Nazis, by the way), Aubrey blamed anyone else except himself. This carried over to his time at Marvel. His book work on the whole wasn’t much to talk about. The main reason, Aubrey opened his mouth and shot himself in the foot to where Axel Alonso couldn’t even defend him to his bosses. And off to freelance land he went to.

This leads him to IDW, who for the most part is a hit or miss company. Their Ninja Turtles series is probably one of the better series around, to be honest. And Aubrey was handed a series to try to revive. The problem is, IDW handed Aubrey a series that’s been a proven money maker through all mediums: G.I. Joe.

What did Aubrey proceed to do with this series? He added in his checklist characters. He altered some characters in to push in his ideals like more regressive left artists will do. And then, his sales tanked like hell. If you ask left leaning blogs like The Mary Sue and Bleeding Cool… They think IDW gave in to pressure from the alt-right.

However, as much as they don’t want to admit this, IDW is in the right. Aubrey altered too many things. He pushed forth a now unpopular agenda. He went against what normal people want. He messed with an American Icon that didn’t need much altering. Just write the stories, stupid! That’s all that’s needed for G.I. Joe. However, Aubrey used the medium as a soapbox, and was reward with being yanked off of his own series of books.

Scarlett’s Strike Force was destined to fail because he altered the appearance of the popular, Scarlett. The other items he altered was the team itself. Also, he managed to push in a Samoan woman that resembled a steroid abuser into the picture. And last time I checked, the Army doesn’t look too well upon chemical assistance to their enlisted or commissioned. It was virtue signalling disguised as “woke” writing. It’s lazy storytelling, folks.

The left sites attacked the fans who rejected the stories, and they did what they do best. They called everyone who disagreed a Nazi. Go ahead and queue up Inigo Montoya and his phrase. A word that lost its power because of malapropism and malice. But here is the reality.

First issue was high in sales and pre-orders. However, once comic book store owners saw that first edition… They lowered orders for the second issue. Comic book owners know their audience well. They have to, or they lose business. With a business model that’s being killed by virtue signalling, it was a no brainer that Aubrey would drop out of the top 300 in orders. Shops and retailers do not want to rock the boat. They love to avoid politics, because politics kills the one thing that Aubrey is seemingly against. Capital.

To paraphrase it, Aubrey. You got worked, bro! You were worked like a puppet for the sake of virtue signalling. And at the end of the day… His books will continue to tank, and it’s not because of people like Diversity and Comics or Bleeding Fool. They will tank because they’re tired of virtue signalling. PC does not stand for profitable comics, either.

Oh, and another note. Aubrey still does STRAIGHT SHOOT. But, it’s to dwindling numbers due to the fact that Aubrey is taking a “moral” stand against World Wrestling Entertainment. He is boycotting the organization because Vincent K. McMahon is personal friends with President Donald J. Trump. And the fact that Linda McMahon is a Cabinet Member as well. The former fans of his show were turned off by this act of virtue signalling, because the WWE is the major show in town.

Aubrey Sitterson not only got worked… He’s still being worked like a fool. We the people have no time for fools.

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